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Jim Thielman on wooden power boat
Minnesota's Jim Thielman has worked at newspapers in Minnesota and Florida.

As a journalist, Thielman covered the Minnesota Twins from 1977 until 1993.

He also reported from events such as the National Football Conference Championship, the British and U.S. Opens, Rose Bowl, Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game, post-season playoffs and World Series.

The internationally published freelance writer's partial but eclectic list of topics includes halal, transfer pricing, window washers, Oberammergau, wood preservation, mycotoxins, civil war statues, bird flu, and his father's decrescendo.

Jim Thielman, Minnesota author, by a lake

Thielman is amused that he was once a card-carrying member of the National Science Writers Association.

He counts interviewing Muhammad Ali at the top of his list of famous folks he has met.

"The minute he walked into the room there was an aura that skittered over the rooftop, clattered down the drainpipe and jiggled around your shoes like Jell-O, if you'll pardon the cliche.

"Walter Payton? Sandy Koufax? John Wooden? Payne Stewart? I never met anyone else who projected whatever it was Ali had."

Thielman's post-journalism jobs have been communications positions with the Minnesota House of Representatives, University of Minnesota, Cargill Incorporated, General Mills Incorporated, a Fortune 500 technology company, and a law firm.

He saw his first Major League Baseball game in 1965. He still plays, in an over-50 league.

jim thielman batting in baseball game

Q&A with Jim from the Saint Paul Pioneer Press.

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